Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Brews News

This just in:

Bottled: A very dark IPA sort of thing. Probably more like a roasted, hoppy amber. I call it No Brainer because it was my first all (well, mostly) grain batch with my new mash tun, and I totally botched the mash temp. OG = 1.060, FG = 1.018 (a little on the sweet side, but I dry hopped it while bottling).

Brewed: A new hybrid of my own design: DoppelIPA. Basically, it's a doppelbock recipe, but with Cascade hops at the end and pitched into the yeast from the batch I just bottled. It's already bubbling, just a few hours later.... the power of MORE YEAST! OG = 1.070.

In the near future: Once the krausen disappears from this Doppelmonster, that'll go in the secondary, and I will brew a Steam beer-- straight pale malt and crystal, Northern Brewer hops, and Wyeast's San Francisco Lager yeast, which can withstand higher temps without going all fusely/fruity (hopefully). OG = ?. I just wanna have that nice caramelly whisper that Anchor does... plus the flavor of home.